Increase Your Views With The TubeBuddy AI Title Generator

Have you ever heard of the term “AI Title?” TubeBuddy enables you to create better titles for your Youtube Videos. Not sure it is better? You can test your own titles and the AI Title Generator titles and see the results for yourself!

How to let the AI Title Generator Create a title for your Youtube video?

Go to Youtube, click on your profile picture, and go to the Youtube Studio

Go To Youtube Studio

Click on the left vertical menu on “Content” and select the video you want to edit. Hover over the thumbnail and click on the pencil icon.

Edit The Video

Next to the title, click on “A/B Test” or “Test Completed” when you already had an A/B Test before.

Click On This Icon

Select “Run Another test.”

Tubebuddy Run Another Test

Select the Title and click on next.

Choose The Title

Let the test run for 14 days, and let it start as soon as possible. You don’t have to adjust any settings. Just click on “Next.”

Length Of Test

Now the magic begins. TubeBuddy’s AI will come up with some alternative titles for your video. Choose the one you like, or click on Refresh. When you choose the one you like, TubeBuddy will start a 14-day split test so you can see which Title is performing better.

TubeBuddy AI Title Generator
Your Test Has Successfully Been Scheduled

Please Take My Advice And Thank Me Later 😊

Take 30 minutes and do this on as many videos as you have. When you can optimize the click-through rate of every video by 20%, you have 10.000 views per day. That means that you now have 12.000 views per day. And when your CTR becomes better, Youtube will also show your thumbnail to a broader audience, so it will exceed 20%!

After you have run the tests, run them again. In that way, you can keep optimizing your titles on autopilot! Meanwhile, keep on creating awesome content!

When it says 20% increase, it is far more than 20% increase

The crazy thing about these A/B Tests is that when you see an increase of 20% in the Click-Through Rate, it is far more than that. Why? When your Click Through Rate goes up, Youtube notices that and will show your video to a broader audience through suggested videos.

So now, more people will see your thumbnail and click on it. So a higher clickthrough rate of 20% does not just give you 20% more views. No, it will give you much more than that!

Not only can titles be adjusted

In this article, we talk about the Youtube Video Title. But you can also Split Test your thumbnails, description, and tags. A/B Testing your thumbnail can drastically increase the number of views you get on your videos!

Watch over here how adjusting one simple thing in a thumbnail increased my revenue by 320%.

TubeBuddy A B Test Results

If you want to start with AI Titles and A/B testing your videos so you can grow your Youtube channel, then get TubeBuddy over here.

Ferdy Korpershoek
Ferdy Korpershoek

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